Hello,  my name is Jerry Landeryou. Welcome to my website for Amps’n’Axes.

I set up Amps’n’Axes to provide a mobile service for the maintenance, servicing and repair of amplifiers, guitars and basses.

I personally had found that getting gear fixed or serviced was not easy: it was time consuming, with difficulties finding suitable techs, repair turnaround times were often quoted in weeks together with the logistical hassles of taking gear in to and back from the repair shop, or even having to arrange a courier (do you have flight cases spare?). Plus, for something as personal to someone as their instrument, I felt there could be more focus on the customer service side of things, providing the face-to-face contact that’s really needed to fine tune to your particular set up and sound to suit playing style, repertoire and signal chain. I figured that while not everyone gets to have their own retained personal guitar or amp tech, it would be really nice for that experience to not only be the preserve of guys with an entourage. (Hmm, sounds like a mission statement…)

And so I’ve started up Amps’n’Axes. Please take some time to check out the pages on the site to see the services offered.


Jerry Landeryou