Charges and Terms of Business

Because of the significant costs of fuel for a mobile operation, the fees I charge are based on two elements:

  1. There is a mileage-based charge to attend to your requested rendezvous, be it your home, work etc. Currently this is £1 per mile for the one-way distance to the attendance. This is always payable. The mileage will be as measured from my base in Godmanchester to you as per the AA Routeplanner website mileage calculator using postcodes (I am at PE29 2JQ). I make this charge so that nearby clients are not subsidising those further away.
  2. Added to this there is a flat fee of £75 per item of gear fixed; this is charged on a ‘no fix, no fee’ basis – if I am unable to fix the amp or guitar problem you do not pay it. The cost of parts is also payable where these are significant items – eg replacement valves, transformers, specialised capacitors, string sets etc. NB I do not take any profit on parts – as it is not me who makes them! If the repair turns out to be a relatively quick one, ie takes up to 1 hour, this charge will be for the one hour at £30. This will actually cover many things such as quickly diagnosed broken circuit repairs; valve replacement and re-bias; re-string and simple guitar action set up, etc. Please trust me, I will be generous to you in interpreting what can be done within this £30 charge, and the time spent with you discussing or demonstrating the issue will not be billed.

The aim is to get gear up and running on the mobile attendance if at all possible, and I try to only book one attendance appointment for each day, but If the job is clearly going to be too involved to be done on a mobile visit, or specific parts need ordering and we agree that I take the gear away to be fixed, you pay the item 1. journey charge as above, plus the actual repair time at £30 per hour (again on a ‘no fix, no fee’ basis), plus the parts cost as above. A proper full quotation (including turnaround time) will be provided upfront for this work, not an ‘estimate’. Once fixed, the gear will be brought back to you without any further mileage charge, ie you will only have paid the journey charge once.

I do not charge any ‘bench fee’ for opening gear up or diagnosis, and I don’t charge extra for ‘out of hours’ visits (though doing repairs in daylight is preferable).

I do routinely Portable Appliance Test (PAT) the gear I work on as applicable, by inspection and using a currently calibrated and certificated tester; there is no additional charge for this. I can give you a certificate recording the test pass if you need it for venue acceptance. As it’s not capable of ‘soft’ tests I won’t use the tester on anything which contains computer chips.

We will agree all of this prior to attendance, so there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings and you will have a firm idea of what you can expect and what you are in for financially. All the agreed charged amounts will be be billed and must be settled at the time the gear is returned to you and this is a condition of their return.

Accepted payment methods are: cash, cheque, or transfer to my PayPal account. You will get a receipt for payment which also details the work done, and this constitutes your guarantee certificate.

All work I perform is guaranteed unconditionally for three calendar months, and I will not charge you for a return visit to put the work right, but you must notify me within that time.

If you are a school or registered educational charity, the item 2. charge of £75 is reduced to £35 per item, plus the mileage charge and for parts as above.

I don’t fix stolen gear, don’t ask me to. End of.