How Amps’n’Axes works

You can get in touch by phone, or by text or email me with your number and I will call you back.

We can then briefly discuss what needs fixing, and where and when would be convenient for you for the attendance. Obviously, one of the benefits of the attendance is that we will be able to have a full conversation about the issues you have with the gear at the time, and a wrap-up session to make sure you are happy with the work done.

I do need to have upfront details of the items for repair or servicing, in order to plan the work, give me a chance to obtain circuit schematics etc. These details should include:

  • Make (eg Marshall amp or Epiphone guitar)
  • Model (eg JCM800 ‘Kerry King’ or Les Paul Standard)
  • Serial number (can usually be found on the ratings plate on the amp’s back panel, or on the headstock or back of the neck or inside viewed through sound hole of the guitar)
  • Age if known, or best guess (it is of course better if still within any warranty period that you use the guarantee with manufacturer for repair)
  • and obviously why it needs fixing (eg no sound, gross distortion or shrieking noise, bad action, etc)

On the last point, please don’t be bashful, it is hugely helpful to know anything that possibly may have contributed, eg “I have a friend who dropped it down a flight of stairs”, “I think beer maybe got spilled down the back”, “found the bass off its stand lying on the floor” etc (and let’s face it, nearly everyone has kicked stuff that stops working… I ‘m not here to make judgments, even and especially if you’ve already had a go at fixing it yourself).

I can pretty much meet anywhere I can legally and safely park my van (but on level ground and off the public highway preferably), so your home or work should be fine. All work is carried out inside my van, and I am self-contained for electrical power (I can run all my soldering irons, oscilloscopes and other test gear and am able to test amps up to over 100 watts at full power), so you don’t have to supply anything other than the gear to be fixed. However if it is to be at your work, you must have cleared my visit with your Facilities Manager, or other responsible person, and any security staff. I do have full Public Liability insurance cover.

I don’t have opening hours as such, and my van does have lighting; however working on guitars and amps is most effectively carried out in natural daylight.