Work undertaken

Perhaps it is easier if I say at the outset what I definitely don’t do; see the list below.  Anything else, you can assume I am happy to undertake work on, subject to a pre-attendance conversation about what you have got, and the obvious symptoms of the problems you are experiencing with the gear.

More specific details and examples are given in the amps and guitar & bass pages.


  • I only repair valve amps, therefore no solid state (the typical cascade mode of failure of these means it probably won’t be cost effective to fix, and replacement parts are often no longer easily available), but if you want me to have a look at a solid state guitar or bass amp of course you can call to discuss
  • I do repair valve hi-fi amps
  • I am happy to look at hybrid amps (ie those with either a valve-based front end preamp or valve power output section), but there are no promises with these regarding the solid state elements
  • digital modeling amps – these may contain some valve circuitry, in which case do give me a call to see if I can help; otherwise they are really a kind of specialised computer containing lots of proprietary chips etc, which I don’t repair

Guitars, Basses and other fretted instruments:

  • I don’t do refinishes as I don’t have a spray booth
  • Anything where glue needs to dry overnight, eg broken headstocks, neck resets, some glue-in refrets etc isn’t suitable for instant repair on a mobile visit, although I could do it on a pick up and take away basis

Pedals and effects:

  • Again, may not be cost effective, unless it is a valuable vintage one, although if the pedal is built around a valve circuit as has become common I may be able to help

Cosmetic issues with amp cases/cabinets:

  • Please call me – I don’t keep vast varieties of knobs, tolex coverings etc

Speaker cabinets:

  • Please call me; repair of speaker drive units may not be cost effective compared to specifying replacements as an upgrade which may represent better value for money

Absolutely please do call to discuss if you have doubts about where your needs fit in to this, or need help with identifying the type of amp circuit etc that you have.